Malloy takes partisan swipes

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Hours after the Republicans ended their national convention, Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took a partisan swipe at the opposition while promising to keep his speech short next week at the Democratic Convention.

Speaking to reporters Friday morning, Malloy said he can get to the point and he can ramble but he never talks to a chair. He was referring to Clint Eastwood's speech to Republicans in Tampa, Fla., Thursday night when he addressed an imagined President Barack Obama seated in an empty chair.

Malloy also jabbed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, saying his speech will not be about himself, unlike other governors. The two governors have sparred long-distance over taxes and other policies.

Christie was the Republicans' keynote speaker. Malloy said his speech will not be in prime time.

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This man is an absolute joke. I guess the taxpayers of CT have to foot the bill for this trip also?? Apparently he's much more envious of Gov. Christie than I realized, could it be because New Jersey's budget is balanced and CT's isn't? It's amazing how these people don't realize how idiotic they appear to everyone else and just keep putting themselves out there. Does Dan Malloy really think that the rest of the U.S. is interested in anything he might have to say. CT is one of the most poorly run states in the Union. If I were him, I'd say home and keep a very low profile.
I am a democrat although I am not a fan of Governor Malloy. I dislike the fact that he calls for shared sacrifice from all of us, while he as governor, sacrifices absolutely nothing. That said, I think its incredibly shallow of posters to ridicule his discomfort with public speaking. From what I understand he has dislexia, which affects his ability to read printed material. So ridicule and dislike his policies all you want, but not the manner in which he speaks. Thats like making fun of a blind person for not seeing colors.
I just got a copy of Malloy's speech. "Um uh ah uh um, 1.5 billion in new taxes! Uh um um uh uh um ah release violent criminals early!. Um uh ah ah um eh heh um we um 200 hundred million dollars short! Duh um uh ahh ee oh don't execute convicted murderers! Oh um eh eh uh uh um I'm walking a picket line to pander to the unions!" And on and on and on and it's only been 2 years. This guy should shut up and go crawl under a rock and disappear.
Um if he were um on um prime time um the rest of the um libs just um might um
good thing they aren't putting him in prime time. A 5 minute speech is double. He can't give a smooth speech. And he has the intellect of a toad.
Those are Malloy's opinions and that's ok - we all have our own opinion. I just don't agree with him. I love Clint Eastwood and I'm nuts about Gov. Christie. Of course I am not a lib. The RN was absolutely on the mark and say what you want but it was done in dignity. I knew there were be a lot from the media showing lib reporting and go for it - MAKE MY DAY !!!!!

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