Experts weigh in on campaign allegation

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) -- Some financial experts are saying that Republican Linda McMahon's allegations against Democrat Chris Murphy do not hold up.

Murphy's campaign is continuing to deal with the fallout from an allegation from his Republican opponent that he got some kind of sweetheart home equity loan deal from Webster Bank.

McMahon is saying that voters should connect the dots.

According to the McMahon campaign, the dots are that Murphy once did legal work for the bank. The bank's political action committee once gave a contribution to his campaign. And the bank got a $400 million bail out from the federal government.

However, Michael Tucker, a professor of finance at the Dolan School of Business at Fairfield University, says there really aren't any dots to connect.

"I don't see any 'smoking gun,' I don't see any 'gun' what-so-ever," Tucker said.

McMahon's campaign says that because Murphy had missed some mortgage payments with another bank in the past, which he later paid back, that he was a poor credit risk, but got preferential treatment.

"I don't see anything here that would indicate that there's anything going on that's corrupt or illegal or anything of that nature," Tucker said, "this looks quite above board and typical banking practices."

And like Professor Tucker, several other finance experts have told the Connecticut Post that the available evidence does not support McMahon's allegations against Murphy.

"Meet the real Linda McMahon. McMahon laid off 10 percent of her employees, even workers in Connecticut. Didn't pay Medicare, Social Security, and unemployment for her wrestlers," said an announcer in one campaign ad.

Starting Wednesday, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign committee launched the TV attack ad to counter the barrage that's been on from the McMahon campaign. McMahon's campaign calls them false and misleading.

However, the fact that the National Democratic Senatorial Campaign committee is willing to spend a large amount of money in a blue state shows that they feel Murphy is in trouble in his campaign against McMahon.

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It amazes me that when a career politician is in trouble, the MSM and the Democrats come to the rescue, Murphy is a career politician who will say and do anything to get elected. Why is it that the democrats are helping/, it is because Chris is in trouble, I predict that he will lose this election and its about time this state turns a little red. Go Linda
The say "Some financial experts" but they only name this professor Michael Tucker. Professor Tucker says "I don't see any 'smoking gun,' I don't see any 'gun' what-so-ever." This is clearly an error by the professor or else he is not stating the truth. I think that anyone who has dealt with banks for mortgages and had to disclose their credit reports would know better. Maybe a partisan would be glad to have this misguided statement as support but if I were in Mr Tuckers class I would now question everything he says based on this foolish statement.
"Experts" yeah right. What about following "the dots" of Murphy not paying his mortgage - which in itself is proof of incompetance - being sued for not paying your mortgage and then still getting a loan from Webster who happened to get 400 million! Murphy's credit should have been trasshed when he didn't pay his mortgage and any regular taxpayer would never get a loan after that - at least for 10 years! In fact Murphy's credit should still be sub par even 5 years later - do we want a guy who was elected barely out of law school - 25 yrs old - and who doesn't pay his mortgage by accident and who doesn't realize it till he's sued - like Murphy?? Start thinking about our economy and our kids for a change professor and not you personal politics!
If it smells like a skunk it's a skunk - especially when it's a politician.

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