More motherly McMahon aims for GOP upset in Conn.

NAUGATUCK, Conn. (AP) — Wealthy former pro wrestling executive Linda McMahon is shifting her image from groin-kicking CEO to grandmother in her second bid for a Senate seat from Connecticut.

Polls show the strategy seems to be working against three-term Democratic congressman Chris Murphy.

A Quinnipiac University survey shows the race virtually tied, and McMahon having narrowed her 20-point deficit among women in 2010 to just 4 points now. Democrats are pumping in money for attack ads to help slow McMahon's momentum.

The more motherly McMahon contrasts with her image in 2010, when a video showed her appearing to kick a man in the groin as part of a skit.

The Connecticut race is a bright spot for Republicans struggling to gain the four Senate seats they need to win the majority.

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It's too bad the republicans in CT picked McMahon again. She has no business in politics mainly because of her past. I have to assume the republicans don't want to win. I would have voted for Shays in a heartbeat. Now I will most likely pick an independent or leave the line blank when I vote.
Yeah Barney, er cope, er amanda, er Karen - you go ahead and vote that way - as you've always done - screw our future and our kids. Democrats are corrupt and they have been in power way too long in CT thanks to pathetic moron Democrat voters who are milking the system.
Ive thought it over and decided I'm going to vote for Mr. Murphy, He has Washington experience and he has held office for several years. The missed payments and bankruptcies both went thru mean nothing to me, those happen many times a year and both have made or plan to make good. They are both using them as a distraction. I would have liked to have seen Mrs McMahon make good on hers long ago, but she says she will make good now with interest. Linda McMahon has never held an office and I doubt she would hire someone for an upper management position in her company that never had experience, which is what she is asking us to do. Her business experience is at best questionable, from what I found out she laid off hundreds of workers at the WWE and replaced them with contractors. Those are apparently the CT jobs she "created" because checking state employment records thru the Dept of Labor, when she was CEO of the WWE, employment dropped there by 36%. For me, Mrs McMahon just doesn't stand up to the smell test.
McMahon is a much better choice than Murphy - Murphy isn't responsible enough to pay his bills - over and over again he misses paymements and got sued for it - Murphy who was elected barely out of Law school and never had to work a real job except maybe at his fathers law firm - Murphy who gets sweethert loans even though his credit report is trash & rightfully so based on his repeated missed payments - Murphy the Pelosi style progressive who gladly gives our tax dollars to Unions for their campaign donations - Murphy who has not done anything that has actually helped taxpayers - so these people can "make up" as much as they want bad about McMahon - making up being the operative word here - but the facts don't lie about Murphy - say no to the career politician wanna be Murphy and vote for McMahon - McMahon who has create jobs for hundreds of CT workers!
I believe this woman is mentally unstable, she will do anything for fame and will become anyone to get a vote. Her history is nothing other then that a mean spirited greedy b&tch; and now we're supposed to believe she is some sort of kissy faced grandmother?? I may be ill

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