Conn. school boss denies politics in Murphy flier

ENFIELD, Conn. (AP) — Enfield's school superintendent says a high school teacher who gave her students a flier backing Democrat Chris Murphy's campaign for U.S. Senate was teaching civics, not engaging in partisan politics.

The Journal Inquirer of Manchester reports that Superintendent Jeffrey Schumann did not identify the teacher. He said her actions, which drew the attention of the Republican Town Committee, were a response to a request from Murphy's campaign.

The three-term congressman and Republican Linda McMahon are seeking the seat held by Sen. Joe Lieberman, who is retiring.

Schumann said the Enfield High School social studies teacher saw the flier as a chance to teach students about politics while receiving credit for an internship.

He declined to say if the teacher was disciplined, but said there was not necessarily a violation of policy.


Information from: Journal Inquirer,

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Sherri,, you continue to be a foul mouthed indivudual with a nasty temper. People are allowed to disagree with you.
WOW, conspiracy theories abound, but Sherri is still reaching trying to connect this to the union, when nothing was mentioned and has not been tried by any other teacher in state that is known of. I guess she believes that teachers are like the listeners of Rush Limbaugh and can't think for themselves and do as they are told. It seems more likely it was one dumb a$$ teacher that acted on their own
Where is the flier for Linda?....If you want to teach children about politics than show them both fliers democrat and republican.....also indepedent is their is one....
I don't know, fact are Murphy's mother was a teacher and he is backed by the teachers union - so there may be dots to connect here - definately not implausible. In any case Murphy has no ethics and he is being dishonest repeatably with his statements against McMahon as per these articles. Murphy is not the kind of person we want in the senate - McMahon is a better alternative.
Karen - if you can get your head out . . you will see I said "probably" in my comment on the union. I think it is well known what the opinon of the teacher's union is - but I did not accuse them. If we are not allowed our own opinions then please stay out of here.
This should never happen. Politics should NOT be allowed anyplace below the college level. Karen, I do not like the way you spoke to Sherri, yes I understand she is pushing this beyond acceptable limits trying to make a connection between the teacher and the union where there is no mention of one, but she is allowed her opinion, however misguided it is
This is NOT acceptable. The classroom is not a place for politics. Sherri, thank you for once again proving just how stupid you are and blaming a union when there is no proof or mention of that. Better reline your wig with foil so they don't intercept your brain waves, assuming you have any
This teacher and her excuse is the dumbest I've heard yet. The teacher's intentions are obvious and probably was a suggestion from the teacher's union. Boy there is no end to how stupid they think the public is.

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