Senior issues a hot topic in Conn. Senate race

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Amid debate over candidates' bankruptcies and missed mortgage payments, the future of Social Security and Medicare has become a key topic in Connecticut's close Senate race, and seniors are being seen as a crucial voting bloc.

On Thursday, Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy told seniors in Hartford that his Republican rival, Linda McMahon, wants to "phase out" Social Security. He was referring to comments McMahon made in April about supporting "sunset provisions" to review legislation like Social Security.

Murphy contends those comments mean McMahon would allow the program to expire, calling that "disastrous." But Todd Abrajano, campaign spokesman for McMahon, said Murphy's claim is "absolutely, unequivocally untrue" and McMahon only supports reviewing a program after 10 or 15 years.

The AARP reports there are 622,167 Social Security beneficiaries in Connecticut.

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I cannot wait for the debates...Linda is going to lay the smackdown on Murphy!!!!!
What blatent lies Murphy and his campaign like to spew. One of his ads said McMahon will also do away with paying for mammograms. Disgusting lies. Hey Murphy - are you giving away free phones too like Obama?
Interesting post from politico: 1. obama GUTS medicare by over $700 BILLION (say goodbye to Medicare Advantage) and claims this is SAVINGS gained by, among other things, reducing reimbursement rates to hospitals and Docs. HINT: IF the COST of a treatment is higher than the medicare reimbursement for providing the treatment THE TREATMENT WILL NOT BE OFFERED OR WILL BE RATIONED. obamacareTAX does NOTHING about health care costs, It DOES impose price controls (see HINT) 2. see also the accounting GIMMICKS - CLASS, Doc Fix, etc. obamacareTAX is a FISCAL, REGULATORY AND HEALTH CARE DISASTER. HINT for more details google "Quality Adjusted Life Years" and the "complete lives system" and "Independent Payment Advisory Board" 3. the "ryan plan" converts medicare FROM a DEFINED BENEFIT plan in which govt pays Fees for Services - tests, surgery etc = the Benefits in Defined Benefit. 4. 55+ now, NO CHANGE 5. in 2022 when "you" become eligible for medicare you can CHOOSE to get traditional medicare or you can CHOOSE to purchase coverage in the private market. You MAY qualify for a premium SUBSIDY which you can CHOOSE to use in the private market. The subsidy will vary by Age, Income, Health (lower income -> higher subsidy). 6. Private insurance companies will BID to provide medicare policies thereby keeping premiums low through competition.
I find it hard to believe that Mr Murphy could say something like this. If you follow the campaigns at all you would understand that this is not true. What he says about phasing out social security doesn't reflect the view of the Republican party. In another of these articles he said the Republicans were going to take away a womens right to choose. This is another pretty blantant lie that most anyone would know is a lie if they followed the campaigns at all. Mr Murphy is acting desperate and it doesn't come over well to me. I now believe he we say anything to get elected.
I'm not ready for social security yet but the Democrats want to take it away from me and you too if your younger as they will not fix anything now to preserve it for us in the future. No one will touch present seniors social security but only Republicans will try to save it for the rest of us - which would be good for us. Typical Democrats who know they won't be in office later to take the blame for their irresponsibility and lies now!
Murphy is so dishonest. He hides loan documents from the voters that would should he is unethical and dishonest and he lies to try to scare people to vote for him. This is the the way the Democrats work - they con people while smiling to their faces. Sickening!! If you believe him you will believe anything and the Dems want you in their base..

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