Romney's 'big bird' comment ruffles feathers

WOODSTOCK, Conn. (WTNH) -- It appears that Mitt Romney ruffled some feathers in one Connecticut community earlier this week when he mentioned 'Big Bird.'

Romney was attempting to show how he would save federal tax dollars if he's elected President, but he may have lost some votes in Woodstock.

"I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS, I'm going to stop other things," Romney said, "I like PBS, I like Big Bird."

When Romney mentioned Big Bird during his debate with President Obama, he started something big.

The iconic character from the Sesame Street show on PBS has been the subject of almost as much social media as the debate itself, but it also struck a nerve in one small town.

In Woodstock, Big Bird is somewhat of a local hero because it is Big Bird's hometown.

And Big Bird's defenders are not just the kids that watch the TV show.

"Leave Big Bird out of Presidential politics," said Karen Donovan, of Woodstock.

"Always leave Big Bird alone, " said Peggy Murphy, of Woodstock, "he's a big part of our community and he's very active in the community, he's good to have."

"I think it's horrible what he said about Big Bird," Donovan said. "Big Bird is an important part of every child's education."

They're also talking about 78-year-old Caroll Spinney, the Woodstock resident who created and plays Big Bird on Sesame Street.

He lives in a gated estate on the north side of town.

"We'd like to know how Mr. Spinney feels about Mitt Romney talking about Big Bird on television the other night," said News 8's Mark Davis.

"Oh," a voice on the intercom said laughing, "well he's not here and I couldn't answer for him."

Sheri Sochor's gallery in nearby Putnam is the only place in North America authorized to exhibit and sell Spinney's original artwork, and sells it all over the world. She was able to contact Spinney who said he did not watch the debate and has "no comment."

Sochor didn't want to speak on camera Friday, but noted that Spinney also plays Oscar the Grouch, who, if he were at the debate, probably would have had something to say.

To view some of Spinney's artwork visit

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The majority of Democrats are brainwashed children in our schools and the populations of the Democrat created illegal alien sanctuary cities like Bridgeport and Hartford that gets the food stamps, free cell phones, housing assistance, welfare, etc... The rest of the Democrats are the fat cats of the Unions and the Universities who have been made rich at the taxpayer expense by the Democrats. The rest of us are the CT taxpayers - who the Democrats use to buy their votes. Vote against the Democrats if you value your freedom and your future!
No one cares about this, if this is the biggest issue facing the any president and this country, we would be in wonderful shape. Debates don't make winners or losers in presidential races. The issue for me is Romney will not say what he is going to cut or change, and until he gets some specifics, I can't support him or anyone
Why should the TAXPAYERS give 280 million to PBS The CEO of the company makes almost 1 million per year and they make so much money with all of their licensing, using the Sesame Street brand. People wake up...we have 14 trillion in debt, we need to cut programs especially ones that are more than capable of making it on their own!!!
Little liberal babies stop licking your wounds. Your false god Obama lost the debate
The bottom line is Romney won. He had a plan for the economy. Obama had nothing especially without the use of a teleprompter. WTNH is a liberal democratic station always in favor of democrats and attacking republicans especially conservatives in all their reporting of politics. Romney won. Stop being babies about it.
Romney can talk all he wants about cutting PBS,,the senate and house will never do is cheap MitMit
Is there a little irony here? WTNH?? From the TV report: They're also talking about 78-year-old Caroll Spinney, the Woodstock resident who created and plays Big Bird on Sesame Street. He lives in a gated estate on the north side of town. Gated estate? Voice on intercom? It would appear that big Bird is doing just fine, and will not miss our tax dollars.
This is what some CT voters have decided is an important issue to choose the President of this country. No wonder we are in such a mess here. Notice the media is picking up the ball and running with it. What a complete waste our media is.

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