McMahon calls Murphy "desperate" in debate

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) -- The first debate had the candidates for U.S. Senate trading barbs and leveling new accusations.

Repubilcan Challenger Linda McMahon squared off with Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy in a debate hosted by WFSB TV.

Murphy opened with a claim that McMahon's jobs plan is not original, that it is taken from other GOP websites. McMahon called the accusation beneath a Congressman, countering that he doesn't even have a jobs plan.

"There is just no doubt when you look at Linda McMahon's jobs plan that there are entire paragraphs and entire sentences that are lifted from the House Republican website, from the Kato Institute," said Representative Murphy, "and I don't know what you call it, but all I'm saying is this is not a plan that is rooted in the best for the state of Connecticut."

McMahon lashed back at Murphy several times, even going as far as to call him "desperate."

"Again, shame on you, as I said you thought this campaign was going to be a coronation because you are a Democrat running in Connecticut," McMahon said. Now you are in a serious race with a serious woman and you are desperate, therefore you raise these issues."

The two also battled over the issues of health care, taxes and personal finance.

Stay with News 8 for more details on the debate.

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As an independent voter who watched the debate, I thought that McMahon came across as desperate, not Murphy...Murphy beat her handily because she's an "empty suit" who is once again trying to buy the US Senate seat...her TV ads are either extremely misleading or outright false, and she is depending on voters being either too lazy or ignorant to bother finding out the truth... What many voters may not realize is that McMahon seldom, if ever, even voted through most of her adult life, and now she wants to be our US Senator...I'm also curious to know why McMahon's family is never seems strange to me that she talks up family values, but her family never appears on any of her TV ads... I've seen enough of McMahon...I am voting for Murphy, and I hope many other independent voters see right through the fraud and liar McMahon really is...
McMahon is beginning to embarrass herself again as he did 2 years ago. So far NONE Of her creditors have been paid back that they went bankrupt on and apparently she has no desire to pay them back any longer, it made good press for a day or 2. She was nothing short of irritable at the debate and her lack of knowledge was astounding, she should have been ashamed.It was apparent that she expected to come in and level unfounded complaints again Mr Murphy and not be challenged because she was talking non stop. The more she talks and blames Murphy for everything wrong in the country, the more she will find herself on the outside
Murphy wins easily. Linda look like the huckster she is known to be. She came off as insulting and nothing more then the person who believes a senate seat should be hers because she has money. She spent NO time outlining what she stands for and was infuriated when the moderator cut her off at one point. Very childish
Murphy is a shallow politician with no regard for the CT taxpayers. Webster bank gave Murphy a sweetheartloan that he shouldn't have taken and he shouldn't have gotten after being sued for not paying his bills and his rent - any one of us would have been laughed at by Webster bank if we tried for the same loan after we had been sued less than a year before like Murphy. But the hundreds of millions funneled to Webster bank by the Democrats paid Webster off for it as well as many other Democrat sweetheart loan deals I'm sure! Murphy follows Obama with his lying and name calling - otherwise he is hollow and lazy as he doesn't show up for work half the time. If CT voters keep electing Democrats we will get a Hugo Chaves like govt someday with the Bridgport/Hartford polling stations left open until they have herded enough handout taking voters to the polls to vote for the Democrat. That is the Democrat goal - pay off the majority with handouts so the Democrats are always in power forever and the rest of us are their slaves to pay for it! Vote AGAINST the Democrats!
As someone new to Connecticut, Mrs McMahon is the one that looked desperate on Sunday. She was argumentative and petty in my view. She refused to answer any specifics on her thoughts and was enraged when Mr Murphy pointed out the fact her jobs proposal was basically from the GOP and not her own idea as she claims. While I found no winner or loser as this, it is really just a discussion of ideas, Mrs McMahon did herself no favors in this forum. I can see why she refused to debate more often.
McMahon looked like a pompous little crybaby that thinks she can buy anything she wants and threw a fit when she had to answer a question...and she had NO answers because she doesnt know they issues. When Murphy pointed out that her jobs "plan" had been lifted from the republican website I thought she was going to explode. I checked the republican website and her plan is word for word in several paragraphs. Once again she is being exposed as a fraud and liar.

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