New McMahon ad questions Murphy's 2007 amendment

MONTVILLE, Conn. (AP) — Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon began running a new ad on Wednesday that questions why Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy proposed an amendment five years ago which her campaign claims had little to do with Connecticut and would raise building costs.

The radio spot accuses Murphy of sponsoring the amendment to help his "lobbyist friends" at the Property Casualty Insurance Association by requiring states with certain insurance pools to adopt so-called "international standards" for building codes in order to get federal backstops. McMahon suggests Murphy was influenced by the nearly $20,000 in contributions he has received from the association.

But Murphy's campaign called the charges false and accused McMahon of distorting the congressman's efforts to help Connecticut taxpayers and businesses.

"This underlying law would have been a disaster for Connecticut taxpayers, but also for a lot of Connecticut insurance companies," he said, following a tour of the Thomas G. Faria Corp. in Montville, trying to highlight his efforts to close loopholes in a federal law that gives purchasing preferences to U.S. companies.

Murphy's amendment required properties insured by state-backed insurance programs in disaster-prone states to mandate a certain level of building standards in order to be eligible for federal backstops. Murphy's campaign contends that without such an amendment, the federal government and taxpayers would be on the hook for billions in losses following major storms. Also, since the state-based insurers would be able to offer less expensive policies based on the federal guarantee, private insurance companies would face a competitive disadvantage.

"It would have allowed for state insurance plans to undercut private insurers, many of which are located in Connecticut," Murphy said.

McMahon's campaign accused Murphy of "doing the bidding of Hartford insurance companies by providing federal funds — with strings attached — to force primarily southern and western states to adopt costly international building standards." The campaign also claims the higher building standard would increase costs.

The amendment, and later the amended Homeowner Defense Act, passed the House of Representatives in 2007, but ultimately the legislation did not become law.

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There must be no depths to which Mrs McMahon will not sink to get her own way and win an election. She thinks she can lie to people and yet not say anything about her stance on issues. Looking at her past stance, she has NEVER been pro-choice and I have serious doubts that she would be that way now. She or no on else has a right to tell me or any woman what we can and can't do with ou r bodies. She says its not ok for Mr. Murphy to miss votes in congress, yet she admits to not voting for years but somehow, thats ok, most likely because its her. Tonight she will once again show just how lacking she is in intelligence of the issues (which she does not even know or understand) and Mr Murphy will slice and dice her up. In 4 years I hope the republicans remember this and they will never nominate her again for anything. Mrs McMahon will lose easily in November and a large part of it will be her nasty campaigning, which she also did 2 years ago. The president will be re-elected (good or not) and the dems will control the senate and pick up seats in the house.
After watching the last debate I am convinced that Murphy and Obama are both the same in the way they can tell mistruths with a straightface. Murphy is unethical and not fit for the Senate. He needs to get some experience working in the real world first. Coming right out of law school he was elected by the Democrat followers to a position which he wasn't experienced enough or even mature enough to take on. Obama will lose in a landslide in Novemeber and I think he will take Murphy with him..
Linda McMahon knows this legislation was put forward by republicans, somehow she fails to mention this. This is merely the whining of someone who sees her last attempt at becoming a US Senator slipping away as she wastes nearly 100 MILLION dollars over 2 years. Good riddance Mrs McMahon, go crawl back under your WWE rock
See this for what it is..another desperate attempt by a loser to question her opponent for something he didn't do and that doesn't matter to the Senate race. Its just more proof the Linda McMahon is unfit to be a senator and to represent the people of Connecticut.

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