NJ governor to campaign in Conn. for McMahon

WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the latest nationally known politician to get involved in Connecticut's close Senate race.

The Republican is scheduled to appear with former wrestling executive and GOP candidate Linda McMahon at three campaign rallies on Monday afternoon. The pair is scheduled to make stops in Stamford, Waterbury and Glastonbury.

McMahon's campaign has said Christie plans to talk about why "strong, independent voices" like McMahon's are needed in Washington.

McMahon is in a close race against Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy. They are vying for the seat held by the retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent.

Also on Monday, McMahon is kicking off another weeklong jobs tour. She is scheduled to visit nearly 20 small businesses to hear about the challenges owners, managers and employees face.

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Yeah right...what business do you own that you have seen improvements? Gotta love the anonymity of the internet. I don't believe for a second that you are a business owner. You probably have a union job...I think I remember comments from you discussing the unions - lol. In true Democrat form...getting nasty! God has blessed me with much success despite the downfalls of this state. I just feel bad for the people who I have come across that are suffering.
Gee Over taxed,,thanks for your permission to vote for who I want to. As a business owner I have seen much improvement over the last 4 years from the previous 6 years before that. I will cast my vote for who I chose, and just a hint, I won't be voting for Linda McMoron. When the dust settles, Connecticut will still be well in the democrats corner. Of course, if you don't like the way that state is being run, you can always move. We'll try and survive without you
Keep voting for the same career politicians because they are doing a great job!! As an Accountant I have seen the worst 4 years for the majority of my clients. It's time for change!
Doesn't something that big have to beep when it backs up??
Jodi Rell would have been a better candidate then Linda McMahon, and thats saying something
First,,she didnt "create" a multimillion dollar company,,she was handed it when Vince was under indictment for tax evasion and told not to screw it up. Vince was still running it but he wasn't supposed to be. This is all common knowledge. She ran nearly everything thru Vince as far as a decision regarding the WWE. Vince and his father created it, Vince did the work that made it grow and his dad began it. As for both being equally ethical,,yes they are both scum. I'm sure McMahon also got sweetheart deals from banks but they are buried in so much paperwork it would take months to find them. This state wont change, every 2 years its "there is an uprising coming,,there is a revolution coming.....blah blah blah". I've been hearing it since Meskill was governor about 40 years ago,,its not coming,, wake up and smell what your being shoveled, You can believe in the revolution,but its not gonna come until the GOP provides top quality candidates. Linda McMahon is not only NOT a top quality candidate, she is about as low at they can, Thankfully in a few weeks we will never hear from her again unless the GOP just wants to get its head beaten in every 2 years
I think she may not be the most likable candidate but she is qualified. She created a multimillion dollar company and I think she is just as ethical as her opponent. Murphy had quite a few unethical dealings in his past, as well, but that's ok because he is a Democrat???? Give me a break...you are all about ideology. Bottom Line .... we need change in this state and in this country...if you are too blind to see that then continue on with same old, same old (sky high income taxes, property taxes, all taxes, unbalanced budgets, over-spending, no job growth ect, ect).
And the REALLY fuuny part..as long as the GOP puts up unqualified candidates with checkered backgrounds, the state will continue to be run by democrats. If the GOP want to win here, bring in qualified and QUALITY candidates, not drug dealers like Linda McMahon
Haha...those comments are so funny. This state has been run by Democrats for years and what has it got us...no job growth in 20+ years, #3 for highest taxed state in the country, #2 for most anti-business state in the country and a sky high deficit. I would like to ask Chris Murphy some questions and Malloy for that matter but I doubt they will want to answer MY questions either. Unfortunately, too many people get caught up on ideology instead of common sense. Folks if it's not working, let's try something different!
McMahon's campaign called my company and asked if she could visit this week. She visited there 2 years ago early in her campaign. She is on some sort of jobs tour of small businesses in CT. I told them I'd LOVE to have her, but I was going to have TV crew stop and I was going to ask her questions about her positions on issues. The next day they called back and said she wouldn't be able to fit us into her schedule. I laughed so hard my side hurt
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