Reaction to new McMahon ad

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) -- Republican Linda McMahon says she's had only positive reaction to her latest TV advertising featuring voters who claim they're voting for President Obama and Linda McMahon.

Voters in the McMahon tv commercial say, "I'm voting for President Obama and Linda McMahon on the Independent line," and "Linda will work with President Obama and I believe he'll work with her."

But the Chairman of the State Republican Party told News 8 that the party and party officials are receiving a ton of reaction in phone calls, e-mails and on 'facebook' and it is not positive and that the party base has been "taken aback by it."

It was one of the first things that both candidates were asked about at a gathering of retired school teachers in Southington today.

"This ad is an absolute fraud and it's more evidence that Linda McMahon just has absolutely no convictions. She'll say anything in order to get elected," Murphy said.

"I am not saying that am supporting President Obama. Those folks are saying that they support President Obama but they're also voting for me. I would think that would be a little bit unnerving to Congressman Murphy," McMahon said.

"The fact is Linda McMahon is going to fight President Obama on everything; she's against him on health care, on energy policy, on Medicare, and taxes. There's not a thing that Linda McMahon's going to work with President Obama on," Murphy said.

"I don't see how that's not come clear from what I've said, that I am not supporting President Obama, I'm supporting Governor Romney, but there are people who are voting for President Obama, who have said they're voting for me," McMahon said.

The McMahon campaign is convinced it will work with enough independent and Democratic voters to get her elected, but one highly placed Republican official told News 8 that it could drive up her already high negative approval ratings among some loyal Republicans.

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WorkingGirl34 is correct. I'm a registered Republican, and Linda McMahon has lost my vote with her latest clever ad. She clearly feels allegiance to NO ONE, including her own party. Shame on her. I don't trust her to represent the wishes of Connecticut citizens, republican or democrat.
This woman is a loser, she all for herself and will do nothing to help the state or its residents. Its all about her being a celebrity. Vote for Obama and for me?? Is she insane?? Sorry, that answer is obvious. This will actually cost her votes I'm sure since fewer republicans will vote for her, they just won't vote in the senate race. She is nothing but a self centered twit.

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