McMahon tries to assure she'll protect benefits

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon is trying to assure Connecticut seniors that she won't support any reductions in Social Security and Medicare benefits to current retirees and those soon to retire.

McMahon participated Thursday in an AARP telephone forum and took questions from members.

She has been repeatedly accused by Democratic opponent U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy of wanting to "sunset" Social Security and of supporting Republican proposals to privatize Medicare, both of which McMahon denied during the hour-long call.

McMahon would not commit to specific ideas for financially shoring up both programs for future retirees, saying "they really get demonized." However, when asked specifically about wealthier people paying Social Security tax on more of their income and changing the retirement age, McMahon said everything should be reviewed.

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Things seem to be falling into place for Murphy now, people are seeing Linda as a nothing but a phoney who is interested in HER status and no one else. Ive talked to some that are very put off by her vote for me and Obama ad. Shes actually made them sure she is in this just for her own celebrity status. She cant explain the comment of "sun setting" SSI to anyone, and just saying she won't do that doesn't help her because that a part of the republican agenda. She will lose by 8 points, maybe more.
I heard the conference call, she just dug herself in deeper. She lies better then a rug
Chuck, she won't be taking time out of lying, She will be at her lying best. She is afraid to debate Murphy is person since he wiped the floor with her 3 times. She is amazingly uninformed and arrogant and thinks if she wants something, it must be done her way. The real world does not revolve around her like she thinks it does, this isn't the WWE and she needs to realize that. Its amazing how despised she apparently is. Chris Shays would have been ahead by 10 points at LEAST over Murphy. I'm a democrat and I probably would have voted for Shays because I don't like Murphy very much. As it is, I will back Murphy over Linda McMahon.
WOW, she taking time out of lying and trying to buy the election and being nasty to anyone that questions her to make a phone call, what a woman!!! These 2 weeks to election day can't go by fast enough so we wont have to look at her ugly face again 15 times a night on TV and hear that redneck accent. I just hope the GOP isn't stupid enough to allow her to run for office again and humiliate them. Many of the customers that come inn my store that where going to vote for her now say they are leaning towards Murphy and they say its her constant nasty attitude that they don't like

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