McMahon spending hits $42.6 million

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut's Republican Senate candidate, former businesswoman Linda McMahon, is coming close to matching the $50 million she spent on her unsuccessful run for Senate in 2010, new campaign finance records show.

Documents filed with the U.S. Senate and obtained Friday by The Associated Press show the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, now WWE, has spent $42.6 million. On Tuesday, she loaned her campaign $3.3 million more. Much of the money has been spent on television advertising.

McMahon spent $50 million of her own money in the 2010 race she lost to Democrat Richard Blumenthal. She said afterward she wouldn't have to spend nearly as much on a second campaign because she would be better known by voters.

But Corry Bliss, her campaign manager in the latest race, told the AP that McMahon is competing with the national Democrats, special interests and super PACS trying to help her Democratic opponent, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy. The outside groups are pouring millions of dollars into TV ads and mailers attacking McMahon.

"The facts are, Congressman Murphy and his special interest friends, they're spending tens and tens of millions of dollars," he said. "They're distorting Linda McMahon's record and trying to buy this election and we're not going to let Congressman Murphy buy this Senate seat."

McMahon herself has been repeatedly accused by both Murphy and Blumenthal of trying to buy the seat, which is being vacated by the retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman.

But Bliss said McMahon is spending her own money to ultimately help the people of Connecticut in Washington.

"Linda McMahon cannot be bought," he said. "When Linda McMahon wins, the only people that she will owe are the people of Connecticut, unlike Congressman Murphy, who is just another career politician who is bought and sold by special interests."

A spokesman for Murphy, Eli Zupnik, accused McMahon of pouring millions of dollars from her WWE fortune "into smears and attack ads in a desperate attempt to distract Connecticut families from her failed right-wing Republican policies that they've rejected again and again."

McMahon has also benefited from ads by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and mailers from a national anti-abortion organization, though those expenditures are far less than the help Murphy has received from outside groups.

A Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday showed Murphy leading McMahon. But McMahon's campaign has questioned the poll and points to other surveys that show her with a close lead.

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Interesting..Ive been keeping track and the CT stations are averaging 2.3 McMahon ads for every Murphy ad (not counting the ads by PAC's, which are almost 1 for 1). Do we need term limits,,YES,,when the GOP was in control in Washington, did they do ANYTHING to bring term limits in to the discussion? NO is the answer. Its always the party NOT in power that whines about term limits,,and then when they get in power, no one needs term limits. I agree we need new look in Washington, but Linda McMoron is NOT the new blood we need, we someone with an idea of HOW things are done in DC, not some dumb azz bimbo who THINKS she ran a corporation because her husband put her name on a plaque for a few years when he was under a FEDERAL INDICTMENT. Linda McMahon is the LEAST qualified candidate teh GOP could possibly put out there, and even they have regrets. She will be 0-2 in another week in senatorial bid. I guess she could try buying the governors office next in 2 years and moving the mansion to Greenwich
Odd, But if anyone cares to notice I am seeing 2 Chris Murphy adds for every1 Linda ad. And I am sick of being bombarded by adds from both of them. What matters people is we are in this mess because of career politicians. Don't wonder why CT is one of the most expensive states to live in with among the highest taxes in the nation, the highest cost of living and among the highest unemployment levels in the country. Little wonder our kids are forced to move to other states to find opportunity. Start thinking TERM LIMITS people. Stop sending the same people back term after term, we need term limits, new blood and new ideas NOT MORE LIBERAL LAYERS who think they are a class of Royalty entitled to Cadillac healthcare plans different that what they force on us. Every law they pass MUST also apply to them PERIOD.
NY Times poll has Murphy up 9 points,,,stick a fork in the hot air balloon, shes done.
We have to endure this pompous windbags ad's for 7 more days. Can someone tell me what RECORD Mr Murphy is distorting on her?? She has NO record since its beneath her highness to serve in local government or to help people through donations. She doesn't even vote in elections over 75% of the time since her time is too valuable when she is having lunch with her rich friends. She talks about her qualifications when she "ran " the WWE, Does she really believe if she weren't married to Vince she would have run the WWE??? NO she wouldn't have
"The facts are, Congressman Murphy and his special interest friends, they're spending tens and tens of millions of dollars," he said. "They're distorting Linda McMahon's record and trying to buy this election and we're not going to let Congressman Murphy buy this Senate seat." LOL..this is hysterical...
From whit I see Linda McMahon has more wind then Sandy will
92 Million can't cover the fact she's a country bumpkin and is NOT going to win
92 Million to put lipstick on a pig,,,and no matter what, its still a pig
This all to make her feel like she's really important, and not the trailer park bimbo she really is. She is wasting 90 MILLION dollars in 2 years so she can feel like she's someone. She must have amazingly low self esteem. As always her priority is HER and her ego. Native is right, she would have done much more to invest and even to give some to charity to help the poor, who she probably believes are poor because they WANT to be poor. She lies when she says she will protect benefits, she would vote to cut future benefits in a second when she was told to. I'm sure the TV stations and newspaper love her because she is basically funding them. She is in my view a poor excuse for a woman and would make a horrid Senator
I don't understand. She has spent $92,000,000 of her own money trying to buy a senate seat that will pay her less than $200,000 per year. How is that fiscally responsible? If she cares so much about Connecticut and is such a "job creator," why is it that it never occurred to her to take that $92 million and invest in small businesses around CT to help put people back to work? Sorry, but I think Linda has some very strange priorities.
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