Malloy says Conn. faces 'painful choices'

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says some "painful choices" and spending cuts will be needed to help cover Connecticut's projected $365 million budget deficit.

Malloy stressed Thursday that the state is in better financial shape than about two years ago, when Connecticut faced a $3.6 billion deficit.

Malloy made his remarks during a meeting of state agency heads.

He warned that the projected deficit for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30, will fluctuate in the coming months. But he pledged to end the year with a balanced budget without raising taxes.

The Democrat plans to release a deficit-cutting plan in the coming weeks.

He blamed the deficit on a sluggish national economy and a growing need for Medicaid health coverage. He said the situation is not unique to Connecticut.

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Governor Malloy is just another career politician. He and all the career politician say one thing, and then do what is best for them and their cronies. When will you voters wake up? It is time to stand united in the streets and say no! Time to get out of your houses, stop doing what is comfortable for you, give up a days pay, and stand for what our forefathers gave their lives for. They wrote the constitution for us. We the people, not we the powerful and rich! This country was built on opportunity to make a good life for yourself. You work and get ahead. If you dont work then you get nothing! Why is it 40 percent of us pay taxes and the other 60 percent gets a free ride? If you get monies, regardless of how little, then you should pay taxes. If you don't pay in taxes then you shouldn;t get anything back. Time is running out to take back America...and if you sit comfortably in your house and just complain and do nothing, then you are getting what you ask for. Time to take to the streets and protest like we did in the past. Stop making excuses!
Sure! Molloy says one thing but does another, remember when he was just elected by Bridgeport after President Obama came to the rescue he mentioned that he would make the "Painful cuts necessary to balance the budget including State Unions concessions" but what happened was the he and the Democrats all colluded in increasing our taxes to the tune of 1 billion dollars and now he keeps saying that he won't raise taxes, so do you really believe anything these stupid politicians say?, I don't and once again we will be the victims of CT politics. I hope that all the Democrats that voted for this guy are regretting that vote.
You won't raise taxes again? Then maybe some more smoke and mirror accounting including not yet realized union concessions which are not really intended to happen and won't happen just like last time..

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