Malloy announces $170 million in Conn. budget cuts

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Wednesday unveiled $170 million in spending reductions across state agencies, the first part of a plan to close Connecticut's $365 million shortfall in the current year's budget.

The Democrat's office released a list that includes nearly $161 million worth of cuts to executive branch agencies. Malloy's budget director, Ben Barnes, said legislative leaders have agreed to $3 million in reductions while the Judicial Branch has agreed to $5.75 million.

The cuts include a $33,957 cut to the governor's office, a $32.2 million reduction at the Department of Social Services, and nearly $33.5 million in cuts to state employee fringe benefits costs. Everything from state grants to arts attractions to mosquito control are affected.

Malloy has the statutory authority to rescind up to 5 percent of any budget line and 3 percent of any fund without legislative approval.

"Many of these cuts are very difficult to make, especially now when so many residents continue to struggle in a tough economy," Barnes said. "But as painful as they are, cuts are necessary to keep this year's budget in balance. State government needs to live within its means."

A plan to address the remaining $195 million shortfall is expected next month. That proposal will require legislative approval. Barnes said Malloy hopes to work with both the majority Democrats and minority Republicans on the package.

During a budget briefing on Tuesday, Barnes told the General Assembly's two budget committees that Connecticut is recovering slower than expected from the national recession. The new fiscal year that begins on July 1 is $1.2 billion in deficit.

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Northlander is exactly right. Our CT so called Servants of the People are nothing more than little Obama lackeys and will do his bidding the next four year. Well all you who put them in office are getting just what you asked for. I didn't cast a vote for even one of them and proud to say so. They are overpaid twerps!
Barnes said "But as painful as they are, cuts are necessary to keep this year's budget in balance. State government needs to live within its means" Really?? How stupid do you think we are? Live withing its mean?? what a joke! The Democrats have been in charge of the CT legislature for decades and the Democrats have shown time and time again they are UNWILLING to stop giving away money to the Unions and those who refuse to work to BUY VOTES!! The taxpayers are tightening their belts and struggling from the recent retroactive tax increase the Democrats forced on us but the Democrats only plan to address the budget deficit they themselves caused by BUYING VOTES by taking more from the CT taxpayers in the form of services. All you Democrat con artists should be FIRED!!!!!
Where is the list of things we are going to pay for? Only fair to post that and allow citizens to weigh in. Bet we could find some more money!
Like the Democrats in the Fed the Gov propose do nothing cuts which will not solve the problem. Expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare is the driver of our debt and the Dems will never cut these entitlements as they use them to buy votes and lure handout takers to their sanctuary cities. This $365 deficit is bogus - it's only a deficit of 3 months! As the President does so shall Malloy - mislead the people and scare them - but never address the problem which is caused by the Democrats and Malloy. Just wait people the deficit will suddenly become bigger - but only after the Dems build their taker base with Obamacare handouts. The CT Dems know that the majority of voter in CT are mostly gullible fools and so they will never limit their vote buying. This state is headed for much bigger deficits because of the Democrat party and the takers in CT. You get what you vote for.

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