Ayala questioned over residency

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) — The majority leader of the state House of Representatives has met with an incoming representative to discuss residency questions that arose following her arrest last week.

The Connecticut Post reports that Christina Ayala, who is set to take her seat in the House next month, met with Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey. A spokesman for Sharkey said the issue of residency is a concern to the House Democratic leader.

Ayala was arrested last week on breach of peace charges related to a domestic disturbance with her boyfriend at a residence she listed in court papers as hers. However, it's different from an apartment address on candidate forms.

The newspaper said Ayala and her lawyer did not return calls seeking comment.

Ayala faces separate charges related to an alleged hit-and-run accident in August. She pleaded not guilty.


Information from: Connecticut Post

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I spoke with 2 of my friends who are on the CSP force still and they said the horror in the building was something that they never imagined they would see. They described it to me but I will not describe it, its something that just from the description is totally unimaginable, and I'm sure it was actually far worse in person. My heart and prayers are with the families who are victims of this sick twisted person's rampage, but also with the officers and other emergency responders who had to see this carnage first hand. Its rare to see a CSP member shed a tear when they are on the job because many have seen it all and heard it all over the years, but Im told most all where openly weeping. I'm sure this will never leave their thoughts and I also pray for them
Joe, I retired last year from the CSP. I agree with Northern, no arguing here today, what happened is travesty and tragedy. This is NOT the responsibility of the gun maker or of any political party, this is the responsibility of the person who pulled the trigger, no one else...may he BURN IN HELL!
Just horrible what happened - so terrible what happened to those school children in Newtown. Nothing here can compare - out of respect no further arguments from me here. Sincere condolences for the families of the dead.
I saw that too - not sure I believe it though. Anyway, is it ok for a State Employee to post political views online during work hours?? The unions are the cause of much of the problems we have. The state union bosses are ultra rich - top 1% - and the Democrats are in their pockets as that is the Democrats main source of campaign cash and ground support. Sickening!
I sense the anger here with unions. Eric claims he is a CT state policeman. Great job! like hitting the lottery. He's in a union. He makes over a 100,000 a year, he gets a car, and his retirement is paid for - matching pay and full benefits! So it is no wonder that Eric would want to keep the status qou and tell the rest of us to leave. He is doing better than 99% of the rest of us and he doesn't want it to change even if it means our children are hurt. I think he even has internet in his car so he can surf web and post here. I don't agree with him but I understand his position.
@eric the country was founded by people who believe in limited govt and freedom. Your belief seems to be that because the Democrats have subverted our constitution to buy thier votes using taxpayer money that we should leave if we don't like it. But when you drink and smoke pot during your lunch break like your union brothers I guess you need someone to protect your job...
Why does anyone care about her? She doesn't matter, her seat will stay in democratic hands regardless. She SHOULD resign and she would if she cared about the people of her district more then herself, but she obviously thinks she is special and she won't resign unless she is convicted of a felony (then I think she would be forced to resign). All this is is whining and crying, grow up all of you
Seems the Democrats are doing most of the whining in here lately. Do you think maybe they made a mistake? Everything they wanted now they are trying to get out of and backtrack. I loved watching the whining in Michigan on TV from the Union. Maybe they are sorry they spent all their workers' hard earned money on the election and stayed with the job they are supposed to do. Too late now - it's over but the whining.
It always amazes me that people say they don't want their kids growing up in this "type" of country. Well. unless you are in prison, no one is forcing anyone to stay here. Its not going to change to a CON-servative country, but you can keep on hoping for the next 50 years. You can always leave and start over someplace else if its problem. I hear a LOT of whining about it, but yet they are still here. I also saw no foul language, but then I'm not stoned out of mind.
Y @dad I admit the last election hurt and was very scary it was a mind blower considering the economy and the debt. I guess we are different kinds of dads as I don't want my kids growing up in a Democrat socialist country where noone is allowed to be exceptional and even the lunch time pot smokers are protected from being fired while everyone else is held back from exceeding anyone else - it hasn't helped the kids in Greece with 50% unemployment - maybe you want that but I want better for my kids. Keep up the foul language as that's all you seem to have to argue with. LOL
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