Fighting future gun restrictions

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) -- Gun control advocates at the State Capitol are gearing up to propose several new restrictions on gun ownership in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, but the 'Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen' is ready to oppose any more restrictions.

Almost since it was revealed that the Sandy Hook shooter used a Bushmaster AR-15 with high capacity ammunition magazines the call has gone out to consider banning them, as they were under the expired federal Assault Weapons ban.

"The high capacity clip issue, the magazine, is just one of a range of things that we're going to be looking at, I think, this session," said Sen. Martin Looney.

"That one difference, could very well have been significant," Governor Dannel Malloy said, "and I suspect, would have been."

However, just last year Connecticut gun owners packed a legislative hearing denouncing the idea, noting that there are thousands of legal handguns all around the state that have clips with a greater than 10 cartridge capacity. Lawmakers killed the bill.

In addition to attempting to ban the high capacity magazines, Looney wants restrictions on ammunition ownership, a stronger gun confiscation law, and a gun offender registry.

"We're also going to be looking at our Assault Weapons ban that was first passed in 1993 and perhaps looking at additional weapons including this one to add to the prohibition," Looney said.

Bob Crook is an avid gun owner, hunter, and fisherman. He also, for the past 30 years, has been the one to organize gun owners to turn out in large numbers to speak out against any further restrictions on guns at the Capitol. He says his members are expecting a fight.

"Oh yeah, they'll be some kind of a battle," Crook said, "both here and at the federal government."

He notes; Connecticut already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

"What we don't need is...we don't need legislation in this building that is 'the solution' because there is no quick fix," Crook said.

Crook ads that his members are just as shocked as everyone else that this happened in Connecticut, and many believe that more treatment for mental health disorders is what's needed.
Senator Looney says that is also on his agenda.

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YES,,Wiki is WRONG. You can only fire one bullet each time you pull the trigger, unless you are Clark Kent I doubt you can pull a trigger that fast as the gun has to eject the shell and load a new one....what you are saying is not a Bushmaster,,,sounds more like an M16. 120 rounds a minute would be the max for the bushmaster, but thats tough to do without your finger wearing out
Cartridge .223 Remington 5.56x45mm NATO 6.8 mm Remington SPC 7.62×39mm Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt Rate of fire Semi-automatic (700–950 round/min for fully sorry I guess WIKIPEDIA is wrong..........................
I have a bushmaster, its firing rate is about 3 rounds per second at best, it is a semi automatic which means you have to pull the trigger to fire each round. a 700 round per minute rate would destroy most guns and make them jam from the heat alone. Im not sure anything short of a military weapon could handle that. JPROG is right, you cant remove idiots from the equation. I'm not sure banning assault weapons will help, but it might help to ban the large clips of more then 10 rounds. At least if someone has to stop and change magazines, people might have a chance to get away or to take the person down
Hosed-by-the system, the Bushmaster does not have a 700 round per minute rate of fire. It is a SEMI-automatic! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! You cannot pass legislation to ban evil! How many existing laws on the books did Adam Lanza break? Did any of those stop him? Will passing more laws stop criminals? The only ones that will pay attention to them are lawful owners who you don't need to worry about.
"" Armored backpacks and a rush on guns after Conn....."" Armored backpacks????? pathetic has this country become....I am SO glad I went to school in this state when this crap was mostly UNHEARD of.........I feel sorry for the kids of NEWTOWN and for that matter, seeing all the coverage on TV and all,all kids going back to school to get a education................
jp....the BUSHMASTER has over a 700 round a minute rate of fire................
No matter what is done, crazy people and criminals will STILL get guns. For some reason it seems they are drawn to each other. This happened 2 towns from where I live and I can't imagine the horror of going to that school and not finding your child last week. I went to one of the funerals yesterday, not because I know the family, but I felt I needed to pay my respects for the loss the townspeople have suffered. I think I've never been to anything so sad in my life. Anyone that has to vote an any gun control legislation should attend one of these funerals. I fully support the right to own a gun and my husband has 3 handguns and a permit to carry concealed. I do think we need to re-examine the need to assault weapons to be sold legally as well as high capacity magazines. Maybe at least the loss of ONE life could be prevented, which may not seem like much, unless its you or someone you know
Let the community, and the parents mourn. Let the police investigate and then logically look at all aspects of this before new legislation is passed that impacts large numbers of legal gun owners. Bart, comparing frangible ammo to fragmentation grenades is an absolutely insane argument. This ammunition was developed for use in indoor ranges and plate shooting to prevent ricochets. LE agencies practice with this ammo. They use hollow points on duty. My question is, how far will discussions about medications go? I can guarantee you one thing, it will be brushed under the rug because big Pharmaceutical companies lobby representatives far more than any gun manufacturers and the NRA do. Pfizer buys off far more politicians than the NRA does. I am not demonizing the pharmaceutical industry anymore than people should demonize the gun manufacturers. Furthermore, a semi-automatic "modern sporting rifle" does not have a 600 round a minute rate of fire. If so, you have some magic fingers. Regarding their application to hunting, I can tell none of you have ever been "hog" hunting. The misinformation amongst "gun owners" let alone the media is absolutely staggering. Do some research beyond being spoon fed by the news.
I still see no need for assault rifles and large clips or roll magazines. The only thing the NRA comes up with is "in case you need to overthrow the government" as a reason. They aren't talking about taking them away, just no more sales. I see nothing wrong with a ban on those types. They also have to get rid of the gun show loophole, which may be as good as gone now. If you want to by a gun, they should be able and be required to perform a full background check. Ive waited for guns I've ordered, and there was never an issue. In this case it wouldn't have mattered because the mother bought them legally, but if it saves ONE life, which would never really know if it does or not, is that too much to ask??
This is going to be a L O N G argument coming up.....I own weapons and believe we ALL have the right to protect ourselves and our the "perfect world" we wouldnt be having this conversation, BUT....we dont live in the perfect world.....I believe, in this circumstance and with most mass killings, if guns werent in the picture, something else would be....knife, baseball bat or explosives, ANYTHING can be used as a weapon to kill...a pen, a syringe with air or filled with mercury....the list is endless....something HAS to be done...there are tomany fruit cakes out there thanks to the way we have to not "judge" and view people..basicly, we dont need weapons that have firing rates of over 600 rounds per minute and magazine capacities over 6 rounds to protect your self or hunt out in mainstream AMERICA....seeing that PEOPLE kill, not just the weapon, I would concentrate more on the "PEOPLE"....
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