Rep. proposes to make gun permit holders' info public

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) -- In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings, a new controversial proposal would overturn the state law that keeps the names and addresses of gun owners confidential.

Twenty years ago state lawmakers made the names and addresses of gun owners confidential, available only to law enforcement and the Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

"Everyone you talk to around the state of Connecticut were so impacted by the loss of life, in children more specifically, it impacted everyone," said Rep. Steve Dargan.

The longtime co-chair of the legislature's Public Safety Committee, Democratic State Representative Steve Dargan of West Haven, long considered a friend by gun owners, is proposing that the gun owners confidentiality law be overturned that the names and addresses be made public.

By one estimate there are nearly 180,000 people living in Connecticut that have pistol permits issued by the Department of Public Safety. The names and addresses of those permittees was made confidential by state law 20 years ago.

"My bill, or my thought process, is not to hurt any law abiding person, but just to continue that discussion," Dargan said.
Dargan notes that in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings all gun laws need review.

"It's a shopping list for criminals," said Bob Crook, Coalition of CT Sportsmen. "First off, it's a two-edged sword; you can either say that they'll know where the guns are an avoid it or they'll know where the guns are and steal it."
The head of a group of more than 35,000 gun owners says there are major problems with Dargan's proposal.

"Opens up harassment for the citizens who own guns," Crook said, "there's a lot of people out there that don't like guns. I don't want demonstrators in front of my house."

The executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut says he's inclined to agree that gun owners' right to privacy is at stake.

"We would like to see the exact bill and make a determination based on the exact language that's in such a bill," said Andrew Schneider, "but from what it sounds like, we would probably oppose it."

This proposal, among several other proposed gun law changes, will be up before what's expected to be a huge public hearing in the coming weeks before Dargan's committee at the State Capitol.

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Good luck stealing my guns,,they are locked in a cabinet that weighs about 400 lbs and is bolted to the floor and the wall, with the exception of a 9 MM which is kept near the bed that you would never find if you didn't know where it was. If you came in my house, your head would be splattered all over the floor before you got near any of them...LMAO
I'd just wait till you were not home and break in and steal your guns!!! LOL! This is another dumb idea that another blowhard politician is selling at the expense of a tragedy. You can't legislate insanity (never have never will). And I am not a gun owner!
I have guns and I would LOVE to have my name public on a list like this. Its a way of saying "break into my house and wind up dead". I have a sign on the outside of my hose that says "Owner is armed and dangerous". I would have no hesitation to use deadly force on someone in my house. If they don't have a weapon, shove a kitchen knife in their hand and make sure you shoot them at least on time in the chest. Anyone with a brain will think twice about breaking into house where the owner has a gun and they might be staring at 9mm pistol or a 16 gauge shotgun.
Another senseless waste of time by another Blowhard Politicion. Fine you make public the Concealed Carry Permit owners name who owns a handgun. What about the duck hunter who has a shotgun? answer NO! The deer hunter who has a scoped rifle? answer NO! The competive target shooter who has a Bushmaster AR style rifle? answer NO! And most of all how about all the drug gang members who carry guns & do all the shooting's in our inner cities, WHAT ABOUT THEIR NAMES? Good Luck w/that
I agree with Hosed-by-the-system. Why do politicians always think they can legislate problems away? More often than not they just make the problem worse or create a problem that did not exist before the legislation. If they want to get busy doing something, how about lowering our taxes and reduce the gas tax and make Connecticut more competitive for business to come in and create jobs....
WRONG................if you do this, make sure the following is made public... Pediphiles Rapists ANY person diagnoised with a mental disorder Any person that has been convicted for assult of any kind and seeing cars kill people to, lets make damn sure every car that is registered, make sure the addresss's are printed and are available for the "public"

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