Gun rally protests future gun control legislation

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)-- Gun owners flocked to Hartford and crowded the steps of the capitol building, for Guns Across America.

"This is not a gun free zone. I think this is a don't even think about it zone," said John Biedler, CT Citizens Defense League.

David Ouimette organized this and he says they need to protect the Second Amendment more than ever.

"They're trying to pass further legislation on gun laws. They're trying to restrict our rights and this is the American public saying no more.We need to stand up for ourselves," said Ouimette.

Many wore ribbons in honor of the Sandy Hook victims.

"It was a tragedy. I mean there's no denying it, but using that to take away the rights of law abiding citizens is the wrong way to go about it," said Ouimette.

This is one of 50 rallies across the country addressing second amendment rights. It's all in reaction to President Obama's proposal for stricter gun control legislation.

"I think a lot of the things that are being proposed are not common sense solutions. I think some of it's grandstanding, and I think that maybe both sides need to sit down properly and come up with real solutions," said Geoff Viscount, of Milford.

While they rallied, others flocked to gun stores and ranges, exercising their rights to show support.

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I was at this rally. Its amazing what a bunch of paranoid fools we have in this state, These people are talking about using guns too largely fight the government, Don't they realize that all the government needs is a computer keyboard and they can wipe out every trace these people ever existed??. You would have every dime and every piece of property taken from you and every line of communication cut. The government doesn't need to even come to your house other then to collect the body. I am a gun owner, but I'm proud to say I am NOT a whacko like some of these people and their talk of overthrowing the government. Now, this was a small portion of the people at this rally that spoke mostly among themselves of this, but it just amazes me how they seem to think that their rifle or AR15 will keep them safe.

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