Conn. bill sets inspections for high-mileage cars

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut lawmakers are considering a bill that would require inspections of high-mileage vehicles.

State Rep. Tom Vicino, a Democrat from Clinton, has proposed a bill that would require the Department of Motor Vehicles to periodically inspect any registered vehicle with an odometer mileage reading of more than 100,000.

Vicino, a first-term lawmaker, is the owner-operator of Superior Auto in Westbrook and a former member of the Connecticut Auto Body Board of Directors.

The General Assembly's Transportation Committee is scheduled to hear testimony on the bill Wednesday.

Committee members are also scheduled to hear testimony that same day on a bill proposed by Greenwich Rep. Livvy Floren, a Republican. It would require anyone 65 years old or older to undergo an eye examination before DMV can renew their driver's license.

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WHO is going to inspect them???? Are we going to have to have "inspection stations" ?? OR have repair places do it??? and what happens when you find some thing wrong, like with emmissions, if a vehicles FAILS, they make owner spend $$ to fix it, if it still doesnt cure it...they slap a sticker on it and you STILL are on the road..........alot of questions have to be the end its all about the $$$ they can get....NOTHING else
This is ridiculous! So, if one maintains their vehicle which has over 100,000 miles on original engine it must be inspected? The consumer has to pay for an inspection fee? What about the newer cars, some of them are worse off than the older ones with recalls! SO, that means, if you have a job, you then must take time off to go to DMV for an inspection, wait in "God only knows" how long of a line for this silly possible new law? Are there going to be more "jobs created" when this gets passed? I sure as hell would take a job doing inspections. What next? Before you know it they will be telling us how many times a day we can use the bathroom in our own homes. I come from a family of politicians and the deceased ones are rolling over in their graves at these ridiculous laws. Just like the toll booths, they were eliminated in the past for various obvious reasons. Does it make sense to build new toll booths and hire employees for them for what little the state would make? People know how to get around the toll booths so what the state expects to recoup would not begenerated. Only in CT., already the highest taxed state in the nation with no new job growth in the past several yrs. And good luck finding a job in Ct, I've been trying for years and due to being "over qualified" no one will hire me even for a peon job...Those of us that really want to work aren't given the opportunity..Yup, go ahead, pass the law, but, give me first dibs on a job with the state, that way I will then have money to pay for this ridiculous inspection.
I have mixed feelings about this........just because a car can start and drive a 1/2 mile doesnt mean it is "safe".............I see plenty of cars and trucks on the road that SHOULDNT be there...
Looks like Vicino and Floren should be voted out next election.

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