Opposing Malloy's gun control proposals

DANBURY, Conn. (WTNH) -- Governor Malloy took big steps today to push through new gun laws in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown. The governor says he's not waiting for federal gun legislation and that changes need to be made right away but not everyone is on board.

Pro-gun advocates say the governors ideas won't do anything to prevent mass shootings and will only take away the rights of law abiding citizens.

Frustrated with the pace of the legislature's bi-partisan gun control task force, Governor Dannel malloy came up with his own proposals.

Some include universal background checks and a ban on amunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets.

Connecticut residents who already own high capacity magazines would have until October 1 to sell them out of state or turn them over to local law enforcement.

Malloy also wants a low to expand the definition of assault weapons to include any semi automatic guns.

"Those are simply common sense approaches to a very complex issue where I think that there will be overwhelming understanding and agreement in the state of Connecticut," said Gov. Malloy.

"His proposal is ridiculous. Everything on there is unconsitutitional," said Rich Burgess the President of Connecticut Carry.

Burgess describes it as a "pro rights to self-defense" organization in favor of gun ownership. That includes high capacity magazines and they do not want the governor taking them away.

"Basically what he's proposing is confiscation. He says he's against violence, and yet he is going to send men with guns to collect your magazines. I mean that's what it is. You can't just say, 'well everyone is going to turn it in,' because certainly not a lot of people are going to turn it in," said Burgess.

Malloy's proposal comes the same day Vice President Biden was in Connecticut for a gun violence conference.

Speakers included families of Sandy Hook victims like Lynn and Chris McDonnell, the parents of Grace.

"We ask that our representatives really look in to their hearts and remember the 26 beautiful lives that we lost," said Lynn McDonnell.

But Burgess say the governor's proposals won't prevent tragedies like Newtown.

"The issue there wasn't large magazines, it wasn't safe storage, these issues were of a knowing mental illness in a family not being treated correctly," said Burgess.

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The second I read the word Natzi in your post I wrote you off. Your all done and can be excused.
I dont know how Malloy expects to get away with these proposals... this is all just for show, he impatiently goes around the panel and presents his own "Natzi Like" plans on the same day the vice president is here in the state discussing this very topic? Malloy is chest thumping again but this time he is throwing the whole gun control panel under the bus. And worse still, most of what he outlines in his plan doesnt even make any sense. Thumbhole stocks, does he know what they are? Alot of hunting and target rifles come with them, its just a more comfortable way to hold the rifle, Muzzle Break? Muzzle Compensator (Pssst.. same thing) all they do is exit the gasses out too the sides, top and below or any combination of the directions instead of having it shoot out the front and move the barrel up, down or back into your shoulder... its for sharp shooters and target shooters so they dont miss the target. it has NOTHING to do with making a gun more deadly or powerful! a 30 round mag vs a 10 round... really? thats gonna bring gun related deaths down? THreaded barrel? can anyone give me one good reason a threaded barrel makes a gun more deadly?? EXACTLY!! Universal background checks? Do you honestly think that if this one goes through its going to stop at gun owners? wait till you go to renew your liscense, apply for state aid of anykind, apply for govmnt aid, get arrested... youll be added to the system as well. I think its time to Wake up people, this is NOT about Newtown, Guns, Rights or freedom... its all just "Libido Dominandi", remember, this is the same guy whos picking your pockets each week, or have you forgotten already? Baaahhh, Baaahhh!

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