QU Poll: support for universal background checks

(WTNH) -- A new Quinnipiac University poll out shows there is overwhelming support for universal background checks including, among gun owners.

The results from the poll among Connecticut voters: 93 percent support universal background checks, and just 6 percent oppose them.

And taking a look at how gun owners responded: 89 percent support those background checks, while 9 percent do not.

Quinnipiac also conducted the poll nationally and in several other states. To view those results click here.

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Let's say that legislation passes for background checks. Is anyone naive enough to think criminals will go through a background check? Last time I checked, criminals stole them or bought them on the black market. Here's another one to ponder. It already is against the law to sell a firearm to a felon. Binky, if a criminal breaks into someone's home, steals a weapon from a law abiding gun owner, and uses it in a crime; do you actually think it is the law abiding gun owner's fault? I'll close with this, what has registration led to in the past?
This issue is NOT ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE, it is about GUN CONTROL, and that has nothing to do with preventing violent acts of a person with firearms. The following will not affect safety in any way. Assault weapon ban, this term is used incorrectly to demonize a style of rifle. Limit handgun purchases. This affects only legal firearm purchases, not the, on the street criminal sales. All legally owned handguns are already registered by the DESPP, through the use of Form:DPS-3-C, Sale and Transfer of All Firearms. Ban of so called, high capacity magazines. This does nothing about safety, 3 ten round magazines can be discharged in about 26 seconds compared to about 22 seconds for a 30 round magazine. (Do some research for the details). Excessive Liability insurance IS NOT PRESENTLY AVAILABLE,if ever available, IT WILL NOT BE PURCHASED BY THE CRIMINALS, WHO POSSESS FIREARMS ILLEGALLY. These anti-gun attacks are directed only at WE the law abiding LEGAL firearm owners. A FIREARM IS AN INANIMATE OBJECT. IT DOES NOTHING UNLESS A--PERSON DOES SOMETHING WITH IT! Obviously, the anti-gun crowd cannot figure this out! My question is WHY???
It is time to register and do background checks on EVER GUN. We want to know where the guns are and who is responsible for each and ever gun. No more straw purchases of guns. No more I didnt know. Next it will be time to BAN all assault weapons for good.
As a long time gun owner I have never had a problem with universal background checks for ANY firearms purchase. To not do them is a serious mistake and allows guns to get into the hands of people that might be better off without them. If you have nothing in your background, you have nothing to worry about

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