NRA robocalls to Newtown disgust Senators

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) -- Connecticut's two U.S. Senators are railing against the NRA, calling the robo calls to Newtown residents repugnant and disgusting.

Senators Blumenthal and Murphy say they need a strong message from the Connecticut legislature to bring to the U.S. Senate and they strongly condemned this NRA robo call.

"This is the NRA calling from 703-267-1200 with an urgent legislative alert. Your state senator will play a key roll in determining whether the Connecticut General Assembly will pass legislation restricting your gun rights this week. Despite and outcry of public opposition, anti-gun legislators are aggressively pursuing numerous proposals that are designed to disarm and punish law abiding gun owners and sportsmen."

"Repugnant and repulsive to be calling the Newtown community urging families there oppose effective measures against gun violence is the height of arrogance and insensitivity," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Newtown residents that met with Senators Blumenthal and Murphy today say many of them received the NRA calls.

"I think it's disgusting and I think it's intentional. I don't think it's a mistake that the NRA is making calls into Newtown.  I think they're doing it to stir their pot, I think they're doing it to pick at a scab," said Sen. Chris Murphy.

Murphy and Blumenthal also urged the Connecticut General Assembly to act within the next two weeks on an assault style weapons ban and a ban on high capacity ammunition magazines because they have been assured they will be allowed to introduce a proposed federal ban on the Senate floor in mid April.

"Connecticut's failure to act in the next two weeks will be a detriment when we go to the floor," said Sen. Blumenthal.

"Connecticut needs to pass a strong ban to set an example for the rest of the nation but to also make sure that we don't become a haven for sellers of high capacity ammunition," said Sen. Murphy.

News 8 has learned that Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane is planning to release the search warrants and other information in the Sandy Hook investigation later this week, probably on Wednesday or Thursday.

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Two of the biggest camera stealers Blumenthal and Murphy. There is no end to what they try to take on as their agenda and if they aren't smart enough to know the NRA would never make those ROBO calls they need a good lesson in integrity. Actually they probably need that lesson anyway from what I've seen and heard from them so far.
More of Blumenthal's political grandstanding-----LOOK AT ME!
I'm calling BS on this! The NRA contacts members, former members, and people who have taken NRA safety classes (like the class to obtain a pistol permit). How else would they get the contact information? This sounds like another hit piece by BS otherwise known as the media!
I wish they would do that with political BS propaganda........

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