Connecticut for Lieberman

Connecticut for Lieberman party was originally created by Sen Joseph Lieberman for his 2006 Senate campaign.

Constitution Party

In its own words, the Constitution Party seeks "to restore our government to its Constitutional limits and our law to its Biblical foundations."

Democratic Party

Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792, the Democrats are considered center-left on the political spectrum.

Green Party

The Green Party of the United States focuses on the environment, social justice, diversity, peace, non-violence and citizen participation.


Independent voters are not tied to any one party. Though they may be registered with a party, they tend to vote for candidates and issues more than a particular party ideology.

Libertarian Party

Libertarians favor fewer regulations, a non-interventionist policy on markets and foreign policy and strong civil liberties.

Republican Party

Founded in Michigan in 1854, the Republicans are considered right of the political center in the US.

Socialist Action

The Socialist Action successfuly petitioned to get a candidate on the ballot in 2010.

Working Families Party

The Working Families Party is an independent party and endorses members of other parties for office.

Featured Races

U.S. Senator

Race to replace retiring Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

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Connecticut Politics

State dollars to beef up school security
Governor Dannel Malloy wants to see more state dollars earmarked for local school districts to beef up their security systems.

Face-off over proposed tax cuts
A fight in Hartford could end up affecting your pocketbook: Democrats and Republicans are facing off over proposed tax cuts.

Virginia AG to fight state's gay marriage…
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) ? Gay marriage moved closer to gaining its first foothold in the South when Virginia's attorney general…

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Connecticut (change)

Connecticut has 169 cities and towns, which serve as the fundamental local political subdivision of the state. Connecticut is the 5th of the original thirteen United States.
Offices & Officials

Governor: Dan Malloy
Lieutenant Governor: Nancy Wyman
Attorney General: George Jepsen
State Treasurer: Denise L. Nappier